Goodreads Q&A!

Join me from 10/24 through 11/9 as I field questions and discuss!  Share with your friends, this is your chance to talk books and ask anything about the publication journey.  Follow the link and become a member of the group – hope to see you there!

Goodreads Q&A Session!

Click on the link and join author David E. Hilton’s Goodreads Q&A Group!  The Q&A will be held from October 24th and run through November 9th.  Be sure and let your Goodreads and FB friends know as well, as he will be engaging in discussions about his acclaimed debut novel, Kings of Colorado, the writing process, the journey to publication, and more!  Hope to see you there!

Goodreads Q&A with David E. Hilton

Goodreads Giveaway!

Hi all!  Be sure to stop over at Goodreads where there is currently a giveaway of KINGS OF COLORADO underway.  All you have to do is click on the ‘enter’ button.  Tell anyone who loves a good book!

Signed Copy Giveaway!

Hi all! As a big thank you, I’m going to be giving away some signed copies of KINGS OF COLORADO to those who “like” my author fan page on Facebook! Just “like” if you haven’t already, and at the end of next Wednesday, July 20, I’ll select a few random winners.

This is Awesome!

This is too cool not to share – a fan of Kings of Colorado has created their own book trailer for the novel!  It’s very moving, and I love the choice of music paired with the passages.  Sort of a quiet sadness mixed with an air of peace and hope.

GREAT job, Haley!

If Short Stories About Hangings Offend You…Yeah, Don’t Read.

The Hanging at Christmas Bridge.  I still like that title, even though it’s a little too descriptive.  And the story reeks of the caricature, but after reading it again, I have to say that I still like it.  Been going back over some of my earlier short stories, which were predominantly spook-stories.  I offer not one, but TWO! versions of Christmas Bridge – the first, via print, courtesy of online periodical, The Harrow.  The other link will let you audiophiles out there listen to the thing, narrated on Pseudopod.  They’re both fun, I think.

And yes, someday this will be my car.

…Since 1924…and an Article!

First off – Thank you TLA for putting me up a night at the Four Seasons – it was amazing.  The first thing to happen when I step off the elevator?  Bob Saget walks right by me.  I’m like, “Hey…Bob!” But he just acted like he didn’t know me.  (That’s SO Bob Saget.)

The TLA Conference was a blast, and I met so many wonderful people.  To name a few – Jo Whittemore, Sarah Bird, Anna Michael, Mari Mancusi, Dixie Cash, and Antoinette Van Heugten.  I also had the great pleasure of meeting Jim Howe, children’s author.  I waited patiently in line, and politely offered an old book for him to sign.  You see, Bunnicula was one of the VERY first chapter books I ever read as a child.  It was sort of surreal, talking with him, telling him how he helped to instill a love of reading in me.  Thank you, TLA, for inviting me, it was an honor to be there.

I’d like to also share a short article I recently wrote for a literary journal, regarding how inspiration can sometimes be hard to find when writing.

And I’ll leave you with this (a picture I took last Saturday while having breakfast with my boys):

Segway……..since 1924

That Misplaced Phone Number

Sometimes I receive praise that is just too good not to post… Thank you, Michael!

~ “If this is your first work, then Somebody is whispering in your ear.
My wife works at the local library. She picked up your book for me
because she thought it was about cowboys. When she came home today,
she found me with tears in my eyes, snot running out of my nose, and
unable to talk. As an actor, I can tell you that this a movie waiting
to be made. If you get to have a say in the casting, please give me a
chance to audition for the older Will. It’s a great story.” – Michael H.

A movie about KINGS…well, I guess anything’s possible.  I  DO have a reputable film agent who’s currently pitching…but as my agent once told me, Hollywood is Hollywood, and having an agent is usually just a cool thing to mention at parties.  It would be interesting though, because of the nature of the book, most of the actors would be relatively unknowns, which could be a very cool thing.  And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone tell me this feels like a Coen brothers story, but the funny thing is, I’ve misplaced their number.  Oh well.  Ok, my fifteen minutes of having my head in the clouds are up.

Something New!

Not only will Kings of Colorado be released in trade paperback, but will also feature a new cover! I’d like to thank the folks over at Simon & Schuster art department for their beautiful work – on both covers. As it usually goes, authors have a limited say when it comes to their book jackets. I’ve talked with fellow writers who developed ulcers over the battles they’ve tried to fight over dust jackets, and then I’ve talked to those who have had relatively good experiences, ending up with something they absolutely adore. I’m happy to say I’ve (twice, now) found myself in this latter group. I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of that cowboy on the original cover, but you know? It’s growing on me. Above all, it’s an eye-catching cover, which is what an author, and publisher, wants.

The same goes for this paperback cover. Pardon the pun, but yes – I believe this, too, is eye-catching. It’s different, and hopefully it will pop when stuffed alongside hundreds of other titles. And so, you may very well soon be seeing the following in bookstores near you:

Whatever You Do…

Read the book instead! It’s much better than this trailer. But I hope that, if you haven’t yet read the novel, one can ascertain the undertones and feelings of the overall story through this clip. It’s short, but it was my intention to keep it simple, lest I continued and mucked the whole thing up. I love the score, there’s an emotional and ominous feel to it, and I think it compliments the scenes nicely. Make sure you leave a reply, and let me know what you think! ~ David